Tradition done right.

Nasi Nuri is not a single stroke of genius. It's the culmination of generations. It's the result of recipes, techniques and secret ways observed in the home. Such a tradition is perfect in the moment, but never truly perfected. Instead, it continues to season slowly across lifetimes. For what is tradition but the best of what came before, made for today.

nasi nuri will be closed for r&d!


the heart & Soul of nasi nuri

Nasi Nuri comes from memories of generous family meals steeped in familiar comfort food. Lina Rahim, the lady behind the recipes, felt the urge to go back to her roots and share with the world precious techniques and secrets of traditional Malay cuisine she learned from her grandmother.

"I want everyone who eats these dishes to feel like they are being transported to a happier place.”

The Food